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Proven Performance & Economy

Proven Performance & Economy

Your need to respond to the challenges of continuing improvement and cost savings can be met with technical and applications support from the Holland Company. Your treatment and process problems will be evaluated on site, with the wide variety of products we supply. Holland Company’s experienced team of technical consultants will work with you to handle your treatment problems. Holland Company products and technical support help optimize performance and effectiveness in:

  • Municipal Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Influent Treatment and Effluent Treatment
  • Papermaking Process

Holland Company provides exceptional customer service based on our attention to three critical factors:

  • providing you a dependable, ensured source of supply providing
  • prompt response to your technical and product application questions
  • making sure you use the right product for the problem you are facing

This commitment to your needs shapes all aspects of our business.

Manufacturing: We maintain up to one year’s inventory of sensitive raw materials and duplicate equipment for critical processes to ensure you an uninterrupted supply and prompt shipment of your orders.

Transportation: Your need for dependable delivery is met by our own fleet of trucks and locally based carriers. Scheduled and emergency deliveries are provided on time, 365 days a year.

Technical and Sales Support: Your questions regarding product application, storage, and handling are directed to technical or sales personnel for a prompt reply. We also provide laboratory and plant evaluation of product applications as well as continuing performance monitoring and product optimization. 

  • We also have onsite technical services to optimize treatment when process conditions change.