Sodium Aluminate Liquid

Liquid Sodium Aluminate Na2Al2O4xH2O is manufactured as a 38% solution

Products manufactured by Holland Company meet or exceed relevant standards:

  • American Water Works Association – AWWA
  • American National Standards Institute – ANSI
  • National Sanitary Foundation – NSF


Sodium Aluminate solution is widely used in the water and wastewater treatment markets. As an aluminum based coagulant manufactured  as an alkaline ( caustic) based solution, Sodium Aluminate offers advantages in systems where maintaining pH at a higher level is important. Unlike acid based metal salt coagulants, Sodium Aluminate will not reduce system alkalinity.

Product quality is ensured by managing each phase of manufacturing, from raw materials through finished product. Engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance personnel maintain strict controls throughout the manufacturing process. This assures you consistent product quality and performance. Refer to the msds for more information.