Holland Company


Since 1967, Holland Company has been a leading producer and supplier of Aluminum based products, such as Aluminum SulfatePolyaluminum ChlorideSodium Aluminate, as well as Dry Alums.  More recently, we added Sodium Bisulfite solution to our product line.  Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located to allow us to serve the Northeast with prompt delivery and technical support.  Holland Company Specialty Dry Alums are shipped throughout North America and to export markets for use in food, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Holland Company products have evolved to meet the increasing demands and requirements of our customers. By applying the “Best Fit Technology” practices, we provide solutions to unique problems our customers face,  as requirements for cleaner water increase.  In  addition to the Aluminum Sulfate products which we have long supplied, Holland has continually added new products. Our recently expanded Polyaluminum Chloride production plant gives us increased capability to  maximize performance, quality and efficiency.

The Holland Company is committed to the manufacture and supply of quality products with proven performance and value.  We support our products with a staff of highly experienced service representatives.  We will  work with you to evaluate innovative technologies, products, and applications to meet the challenges you face today and those of  tomorrow.