Our deep knowledge and understanding of product application variables enables us to provide clients with focused, individual solutions.

Water Purification

Potable Drinking water systems and Industrial Influent Water – Inorganic coagulants (Alum, PACL, Sodium Aluminate) for water treatment systems. Products are effective at reduction/removal of: Turbidity, Color, and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) components.

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater – Wastewater treatment challenges, including the reduction or removal of: Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids, BOD, Color, Heavy Metals, Oils and Grease.

Lake and Pond Algae Control – Applications for phosphorus reduction to improve water clarity, control dangerous blue/green algae growth and promote healthy water conditions.

Process Chemistry

Industrial Manufacturing Uses:

  • Pulp and Paper Industry (influent, effluent, wet end applications)
  • Food Processing
  • Photographic Chemistry

Dechlorination / Oxidant Reduction

Applications – Wastewater Dechlorination, Photographic Chemistry, and as a Reducing Agent for Industrial Processing.

Specialty Alums

Specialized Applications – Use of Iron Free Aluminum Sulfate, Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate, and Potassium Aluminum Sulfate in specialized industrial, drug, food and cosmetic applications, including: Astringents, Water Purification, Microscope Stains, Pickling and Preserving Foods, Deodorants, Swimming Pool Chemicals and others.