About Us

Our deep knowledge and understanding of product application variables enables us to provide clients with focused, individual solutions.

Since 1967 Holland Company has focused on manufacturing and distributing aluminum-based products for water purification and treatment. We are a leading developer and supplier of high-performance, cost-effective products, serving the Northeast and the world from our headquarters in Western Massachusetts. Holland Company customers include municipalities and corporations in industries ranging from food to cosmetics to pharmaceuticals – anywhere water purification and wastewater treatment is central to operations.

Look to Holland Company for proven performance and value in specialized solutions tailored to your specific applications and to meet changing regulatory and environmental requirements. Our deep experience in product handling and applications, combined with long-term investments in raw materials, facilities for manufacturing and storage and logistics, allows us to be your reliable and responsive partner, 365 days a year.

Holland Company started as and continues to be a family business. We are proud of the many decades long relationships we have built by supplying high quality products which help our customers achieve their goals. Our highly experienced service representatives are ready to help you evaluate innovative technologies and applications to meet your water treatment challenges today and in the future.